GMO Labeling in the USA

Product Id : FDA53
Instructor : Norma Skolnik
Sep 14, 2017 1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes

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                     Comply with GMO Labeling Regulations in the USA

GMO labeling is a controversial topic and there have been many different approaches to GMO labeling, with individual states attempting to have their own labeling laws. Finally, a federal law was passed last year that preempts state laws; however, there are still some unresolved issues that must be addressed for manufacturers.

This session by expert speaker Norma Skolnik will discuss how to effectively label products with GMO ingredients and still comply with regulatory requirements. Norma will provide you with references to all relevant FDA regulations, guidance documents, and FDA websites for GMO labeling. You will also gain regulatory insights and will learn about the FDA contacts and know-how tips.

Session Highlights:

  • Status of GMOs in the US
  • FDA position on GMOs/GE foods
  • FDA biotechnology policy & consultation program
  • To review the status of proposed U.S. legislation regarding GMO labeling
  • To prepare to comply with new state GMO labeling laws that are soon to take effect
  • HR 1599: Proposed bill to override state labeling laws
  • July 2016 compromise GMO labeling bill

Areas Covered:

  • Safety of GMO Foods
  • Regulatory status of GMO's in the USA
  • FDA Biotechnology Policy
  • FDA Biotechnology Consultation Program
  • State initiatives: GMO Labeling, Including the Vermont GMO Labeling Act
  • Worldwide GMO labeling regulations
  • Proposed legislation: Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015

Who Should Attend:

  • Regulatory affairs managers
  • Directors and associates
  • Compliance specialists
  • Food marketing managers
  • Quality Professionals 
  • Anyone planning to market food products in the U.S.

Speaker Profile:

Norma Skolnik has over 35 years of regulatory experience working with the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. She served as Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Americas for Cadbury Adams. Prior to that, she was Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Adams Division of Pfizer and Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Warner-Lambert company.

She also served as Director of Regulatory Affairs for Lederle Consumer Healthcare, as Associate Director of Marketed Product Support for Lederle Laboratories and as Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs for Wyeth.

Norma currently works as a regulatory consultant and also enjoys coaching those who are just starting out in the consulting field

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