FDA's Regulations for Tobacco and Related Industries - Effective 08/08/2016

Product Id : FDA06
Instructor : Carolyn Troiano
Jan 30, 2017 11:00 AM ET | 10:00 AM CT | 9:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes


Are you up to date with the best practices for compliance in the tobacco industry? Find out how to develop a compliance strategy, and learn all about roles and responsibilities, and policies and procedures, in this webinar.

The Tobacco Control Act, which went into effect on June 22, 2009 regulates cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco and smokeless tobacco. However, in 2016, the FDA finalized a rule which extends their authority to include the regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems (such as e-cigarettes and vape pens), cigars, hookah (water pipe) tobacco, pipe tobacco, and others.

Due to this, the FDA will be able to review new tobacco products which aren’t on the market, help prevent misleading claims by tobacco product manufacturers, evaluate the ingredients of tobacco products and find out how they are made, and communicate the potential risks of tobacco products.

During this webinar, our speaker will provide an overview of the regulations which pertain to various sectors of the tobacco industry, such as manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and other key operational activities. You will also learn the effective best practices for developing a compliance strategy, which includes the policies and procedures which need to be followed in order to ensure compliance.

An effective compliance strategy is important for any FDA-regulated organization, and that includes organizations in the tobacco industry. Understanding the regulations is the first step towards developing such a strategy, and it will also help you minimize cost in the long run.

All webinar attendees will be provided handouts including a presentation, which will help them make the most of the training received during this webinar.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about the regulations of the FDA Tobacco Control Act, and how to comply
  • Learn the details of the August 2016 FDA regulation
  • Find out the PMTAs and requirements
  • Find out about the extension of FDA oversight to Vapor, e-Cigarette and Cigar industries
  • Learn how to build an effective compliance strategy
  • Discover ways to minimize cost, while maximizing compliance
  • Learn the industry’s best practices

Who will benefit:

  • Warehouse Managers
  • Marketing Analysts and Managers
  • Laboratory Analysts and Managers
  • Manufacturing Analysts and Supervisors
  • Information Technology Professionals
  • Compliance and Audit Managers
  • QC/QA Analysts and Managers
  • Computer System Validation Specialists
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Retailers of Tobacco Products
  • Anyone involved in the distribution of tobacco
Speaker Profile:

Carolyn Troiano has vast experience in the tobacco, pharmaceutical, medical device and other FDA-regulated industries, in which she has worked as a consultant for over 30 years. She has provided services to many large pharmaceutical and tobacco companies throughout the US and Europe. As part of her services, she has helped develop and execute compliance strategies and programs.

Carolyn also has experience in supply chain security and compliance, which includes technologies and procedures for improving the protection of companies’ brand integrity. At present, she is active in the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), and Project Management Institute (PMI).

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