Update 2017 on Patient's Medical Record :Disposition of Records and Records Retention, Including Electronic Records

Product Id : HE06
Instructor : Mark Brengelman
Sep 18, 2017 1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes

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This webinar covers basic perspectives of medical record keeping and reviews examples of content, identifies requirements for retention, and examines revisions to closed records. Moving beyond the privacy mandates of HIPAA, this webinar focuses on these three important aspects of the medical records themselves. This webinar also reviews special rules regarding electronic medical records.

Each health care profession has differing requirements for record-keeping under state law. Special rules now exist regarding the confidentiality, security, retention, and disposition of electronic medical records. These government legal requirements for records content and retention are contrasted with private requirements, such as those required by private insurance companies for malpractice insurance for individual health care practitioners.

Finally, what happens to medical records when the health care practitioner leaves the practice or dies? An innovative and new concept in this webinar will show you how to set up a records retention and transfer for the safe and secure handling of patient medical records when an individual health care practitioner leaves the practice, is injured or ill, or dies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Sources of state law requirements for medical records retention;
  • Sources of contractual requirements for medical records retention;
  • To state what information is mandated to be in a specific health care practitioner’s medical record.
  • New rules about electronic records confidentiality, retention, and disposition;
  • Professional wills and business succession plans for the health care practitioner to govern the retention of medical records for the health care practitioner’s withdrawal from practice, incapacity, or death.
  • Revising closed medical records.

Session Highlight:

  • Legal requirements for medical records retention
  • Contractual requirements for medical records retention
  • Applying facility rules to the individual health care practitioner
  • Handling electronic records
  • Professional wills and business succession plans for the health care practitioner to handle medical records

Who Will Benefit:

  • Individual health care practitioners
  • Health care attorneys
  • Corporate counsel in health care
  • Corporate compliance officers
  • University faculty in health care.
Speaker Profile:

Mark R Brengelman has worked as the assigned counsel to numerous health professions licensure boards as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Moving to private practice, he now helps private clients in health care in a wide variety of contexts.

He graduated with both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in philosophy from Emory University in Atlanta. He then earned a Juris Doctorate from the University Of Kentucky College Of Law. In 1995, he became an assistant attorney general and focused in the area of administrative and professional law where he represented multiple boards as general counsel and prosecuting attorney.

Mr. Brengelman is a frequent participant in continuing education and has been a presenter for over twenty national and state organizations and private companies, including webinars and in-person seminars. These national and state organizations include the Kentucky Bar Association, the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General, and the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute.

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